Churches of Krakow

Contemporary church architecture often surprises with its unusual appearance. Browsing images where there are churches in Krakow, you can immediately notice that dominates them Romanesque or Gothic style that is appropriate for temples and churches at a time when Polish kings ruled. Since most of them emerged on request rulers, monarchs who want to catch up with the West, it is not surprising that contemporary architects do not try hard to unconventional, surprising forms, or rather copied classic European styles popular at the time. Churches in Krakow had to be a place of worship, in which the subject, like the king, they had to worship God. Gothic style, soaring, slender or Romanesque, stocky, yet powerful and stable-Krakow’s churches, especially the oldest, perfectly attuned to this style. However, the current church architecture departs from these models, looking for innovative solutions to attract the newly faithful, especially the young generation people. There are so on the map of Krakow new places of worship, which in appearance are trying to intrigue, or even shock. Churches look so as submarines, ships, often overlapping geometric solids, and even military fortifications or old town hotel Krakow. I do not know where it ends up no longer usable style and begins to play. Most churches can be visited by spending up to three days in Krakow.