Krakow forts

In the area of Krakow and the surrounding area is a network of forts and bunkers, built at the request of the Austrian authorities during the Partition. The entire complex, numbering km of underground corridors, dozens of shelters and structures to allocate military-defense is called Fortress Krakow. Some of the residues can be seen, among others: the Roundabout Mogilskie, where are the ruins of the so-called. Bastion V „Lubicz”. Krakow forts that remain unused, and holds great potential for infrastructure that properly prepared has a chance to become a great tourist attraction. Only a small part of the buildings have been adapted for use, there can be mentioned a music club or museum objects to allocate. And still a lot you can do. One idea is a hotel for business travelers. Krakow forts are perfect for themed tour. Tour of military facilities, especially created before World War II is a real treat for fans of military issues and the history of the country. The whole complex, of course, renovated, could well serve as a venue for urban games such as stalking or treasure hunt, events, festivals and concerts. Although Krakow forts are used as a place to play paintball tournaments or individual excursions trail poaustriackich stronghold, but it’s still not enough. There a lot of possibilities lie dormant, only to discover you need them.