Nowa Huta

Krakow is one of the most popular cities, visited every year by thousands of tourists. Beautiful sights, great atmosphere, nice people, comfortable hotel in Krakow with high great location – city has a lot to offer. However, for some time are becoming more popular themed tours. Organizing this type of tourist can not only visit places inaccessible, rarely frequented, very popular, but also to discover areas that at first glance appear to be very interesting. Among other tourist offices appear such items as trail Technology, Art, Trail and Legend of the Great Poles in Krakow. However, for some time there is a new trend among tourists from abroad-Nowa Huta as a destination for excursions. Undoubtedly, this is quite a strange choice, perhaps dictated by a desire first to see with my own eyes, how the city of socialist realist. Architecture of the Cracow area is impressive. Concrete gray, almost identical buildings like residential-twin’s climate affects the imagination. Therefore Nowa Huta is of interest especially among fans of contemporary art, for which ugliness, do not be afraid of the word, is fascinating. Like a Kafkaesque labyrinth described in „Process”, so the whole Nowa Huta is a curiosity that delights, but not only scares people falling in love in the time of PRL, but also those who want to see something special and unique.