They fell in love with Krakow

Krakow is not only the goal of national tours. The capital of Malopolska is slowly becoming a fashionable destination for foreign tourists. How to remember your stay? Here Krakow by eyes of foreign tourists.

Reading the opinions of visitors from all over the world can see a similar pattern: most of them prior to arrival had a lot of concerns that pryskały with each day of your stay. As a matter of fact you really make an effort to find unflattering opinions about the city, because it impresses almost everyone without exception. What most?

First of all, rich history and diverse architekrturą. -When I arrived for a weekend in Krakow for the first time, I could not get over how much has happened in one place. At each step of the story here and feel it in the most interesting issue – says Andrew from London. Although the history of the city can be very complicated for foreigners, there will always be someone willing to dispel doubts.

This leads us to the next point, which all tourists remember very positive, namely the population of the city. Marion from Spain told surprised – surprised me very positively Poles, I did not expect that they would be so friendly and so well they speak English.

Since the holiday is not just a tour, but most of all, fun, almost all the tourists in their stories mention Krakow clubs and cafes and hotel in Krakow near market square. There fun goes on until the early morning and in the way they can play only the Poles. What nicest almost every foreigner declares its willingness to return to Krakow, and says that he would recommend this place to friends.